Rocket 122 mm R35+

  • Extended range up to 35 km.

  • New rocket motor with composite propellant

  • Modular multipurpose warheads

  • Improved warhead lethal efficiency

  • Application new technologies

  • Possibilities of application the modular warheads to original rocket motor M-21

  • Preferable ratio cost/efficiency

  • Use MLRS 122 mm as basic launcher

Rocket 122 mm R35+

Closed motor case- no separate parts

New Technologies

Flow forming technology increases mechanical properties of rocket motor case and decreases total mass of motor case.

Flow forming technology

Central nozzle with vanes within divergent part of nozzle and graphite throat insert

The new concept of warheads
  • More than two times increased lethal area
  • Consists of two separated HE-PF modules with parachutes
  • Activation above the ground with optimal fragments distribution

Comparison of lethal areas for standard HE warhead and the new concept warhead