Aerodynamic properties of artillery projectiles, mortar shells and rockets 

This software is developed, but it should be improved to enable following:

  • Further, it should upgrade expert aerodynamic library, as a very important tool for aerodynamic calculations.
  • Aerodynamic properties calculations for finned projectiles (BODY-WING) and for spin stabilized bodies (BODY) of revolution.
  • This software package consists of 40 subroutines that include newest results of the research done by world's ballistic laboratories (for example: artillery projectiles 105 mm, 155 mm and artillery rockets).

The Department of Armament & Ballistics of the Royal Military Academy in Belgium has at its disposal four different computer programs allowing the calculation of one or more aerodynamic coefficients for a conventional artillery projectile.

Modifications of program BODY are made for:

  • Boat-tail
  • Nose (program includes calculations of meplat, fuze and ogival or cone, adapter can be added)
  • Base (open base for transonic regime)

The same procedure can be applied to the program BODY-WING.

Improved program BODY gives a good agreement for aerodynamic coefficient of zero-yaw drag determined from SPARK RANGE TESTS for projectile 155 mm M483A1.