Software for prediction of projectiles efficiency

Prediction of lethal efficiency for HE projectiles and warheads:

  • Mass distribution for HE warheads
  • Velocity of fragments prediction
  • Geometrical and space distribution of fragments
  • Lethal zone prediction

Prediction of penetration capability of HEAT and KE projectiles (in development phase):

  • Determination of liner collapse angle, liner collapse velocity, masses and velocities of shaped charge jets
  • Predicition of penetration depth by HEAT and KE projectiles

Mass distribution for natural fragmentation

  • Dimensionless thickness of the warhead shell: t/d=0,058,
  • Ratio of metal warhead shell and explosive charge mass was C/m = 0,32.
  • Tested warhead cases were made of following steels 45Cr2, C70D and steel AB or 9180VP)


Fragments number or mass participation as a function of mean fragments mass

Velocity distribution of fragments and warheads efficiency radius

 Fragment velocity as a function of relative position

Warheads efficiency radius

Lethal zone prediction for artillery projectile

Lethal zone prediction for mortar projectile